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Joe Arpaio Recall Scores 120K Valid Signatures: 85 Days Left, a Little Over 215K More to Go

With Sheriff Joe Arpaio still out of commission from his "broken arm," and with Respect Arizona's announcement today that they have 120,000 valid signatures demanding his recall, Arpaio's best career move at this point would be to resign from office for health reasons.

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Or choke on the proverbial chicken bone. Because the recall is bearing down on him like a semi with no brakes, and as Arpaio's campaign guru Chad Willems has already admitted, if Respect Arizona scores the needed 335,317 signatures from qualified electors, then, "Joe Arpaio goes away."

According to Lilia Alvarez, the recall's campaign manager, RA has scored around 150,000 signatures total, 120,000 of which have been verified via the county's voter access network.

Standing next to an illustration showing the recall's progress in the law offices of Snow and Carpio, with recall supporters behind her, and stacks of recall petitions before her, Alvarez noted the more than 5,000 new voters registered by the effort so far.

"We are...committed to seeing justice in Maricopa County," said Alvarez at the press conference, standing next to an illustration showing the recall's progress. "This thermometer is symbolic of that. We are on the move toward justice."