Dining Out for Life: Help Fight HIV and AIDS on April 25

We love dining out at local restaurants. Not only do we get to nosh on good eats, we also leave with a nice case of the warm fuzzies for giving our hard-earned dollars to a local business owners.

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For one day a year, we can throw another element of nice feelings in the mix when the annual Dining Out for Life fundraiser rolls around on April 25. The international event brings in money to support the fight against HIV and AIDS with local restaurants donating proceeds to the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS.

More than a dozen restaurants in the Phoenix-metro area will participate in Dining Out for Life. A percentage of the gross proceeds for the day from the participating restaurants will be donated the the Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS. The center is a nonprofit research and resource center with the largest clinical trial, education, behavioral health and nutrition support center in the Southwest.

The participating restaurants:

To find out what percentage each restaurant will be donating and which meal services the fundraising will occur during, visit the Dining Out for Life Phoenix website.

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