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Ted's Hot Dogs in Tempe Makes Urbanspoon's List of the Best Hot Dogs in The Country

In honor of National Hot Dog day, which is today, Urbanspoon has rounded up a list of the country's best places to get a top-notch dog. The list was complied based on the restaurants that received the most positive reviews from food critics, bloggers, and the Urbanspoon community and includes Tempe's Ted's Hot Dogs, the 30-year-old Valley favorite.

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The "Top 40 Fantastic Franks restaurant list" for 2013 includes 40 different hot dog spots from 31 cities across the country. Other cities' winners include Sammy's Wild Game Grill in Houston, which offers exotic game hot dogs; Senate in Cincinnati, where you can order your dog with crazy toppings like poached egg or kimchi; and the classic Grey's Papaya in New York.

While Ted's might not be as out-there as those joints, the eatery is one of the few places where you get a hot dogs that's been charbroiled over a live charcoal fire. Ted's offers standard toppings (for the most part) but makes its own relish, which is spicy but not exactly a hot sauce. Ted's also ships its dogs from a small chain in Buffalo, meaning that when you bite into a Ted's dog, you're getting an authentic taste of the East Coast. Ted's also offers gluten-free buns.

You can read the entire list of the nation's most fantastic franks on the Urbanspoon blog.

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