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Farmed and Dangerous: Chipotle to Launch Four-Part Comedy Series February 17 on Hulu

Last year, Chipotle debuted The Scarecrow, a three-minute animated video ad that attacked the processed-food industry with sad images like the one above. It was called both one of the best and worst ad campaigns of the year, but the mixed reviews didn't stop the video from getting more than 11 million views on YouTube.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that the company is at it again. According to Business Wire, Chipotle Mexican Grill will launch a four-part satirical comedy about industrial farming on February 17. The show will be available for steaming on Hulu.

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You can check out the Farmed and Dangerous trailer above. In it you'll see numerous cows explode after big ag decides to feed them petrol as well as a freaky looking eight-legged chicken. The series stars actor Ray Wise, who you might recognize from such movies as RoboCop and Jeepers Creepers II.

The show doesn't have any overly obvious connections to the restaurant -- well, besides the fact that it's labeled "a Chipotle original series." There are no scenes that take place at the build-your-own-burrito spot, but one of the main character's name is Chip.

Farmed and Dangerous is meant to strike an emotional chord -- it's not about selling burritos," Daniel Rosenberg, a former Hollywood executive whose New York-based company produced the series, told the New York Times.

But if you choose to watch the half-hour advertisement episodes on Hulu, know that you'll still be subjected to commercials, some of which will be for -- you guessed it -- Chipotle. The show will be featured alongside the rest of Hulu's entertainment content, making this a perfect example of the "native advertising" trend that's blurred the lines between ads and traditional media content, perhaps beyond recognition.

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