Chow Bella

Head to Chatham's Fine Chocolates While You Still Can

This news is bad enough to make any chocoholic ache with disappointment: Chatham Kitz, owner of Chatham's Fine Chocolates, says he'll be permanently closing the doors of his wonderful Camelback Road chocolate boutique by the end of this month.

"We'll be open 'til we sell all of our inventory, and that's it," he says.

And yes, the economy is the reason.

"Once gas hit three and a half bucks a gallon, people didn't want to spend money on expensive chocolate," Kitz adds. "This Christmas is going to be dismal, and a lot of businesses are going to be closing their doors. We just happened to see the writing on the wall a while ago."

So if you were planning on giving gourmet truffles as presents this year, visit Chatham's before it's too late. -- Michele Laudig