Wake Up Call

The Churro Ice Cream Sandwich Has Just Won Summer

When The Grouch wrote "The Bay to L.A.", we're guessing he didn't make the hook say "Take me to L.A." over and over again because a restaurant in the area was making churro ice cream sandwiches, but he probably would've if they had been out back then. Regardless, you should probably book a $40 Greyhound to L.A. A.S.A.P. because Churro Burrough is making churro ice cream sandwiches.

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All of the sudden, cronuts became the least important thing ever because, we'll say it again, churro ice cream sandwiches. With fried cinnamon sugar dough as the "bread," you have your choice of ice cream flavors for the innards. Horchata, Spanish latte, Mexican hot chocolate, and vanilla custard are standard ice cream flavors, with seasonal offerings like panna cotta and caramel apple pie rotating through the menu too.

Hopefully this craze started by Churro Burrough's innovative combination of two of the best desserts ever catches on quickly in Phoenix. After all, we have the churros and we have the ice cream-- now we just need someone to combine them.

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