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Six New Trucks to Try at Tomorrow's Food Truck Festival

Oh my gosh, it's FINALLY here. Phoenix's first food truck festival is tomorrow! 

The most talked about event of the season is happening tomorrow evening on Roosevelt Row and we can't wait. We're super excited to see what kind of samples our favorite food trucks will be serving up but we're even more psyched to see what's going to roll off the new trucks. 

Make a beeline for these six not-to-miss trucks tomorrow -- and if you don't have your tickets, you better click here to get 'em! 

6. Epic Hot Dogs - We already know (and love) Short Leash Dogs and their fine Shriners sausages covered in chipotle cream cheese and fried pickles but we're curious to see what the new dog on the block has to offer. 

5. Frufrupops - Sweet Republic has the ice cream beat down but what about fruit pops? More of a cart then an actual truck, FruFrupops freezes up beautiful ice pops in a variety of flavors using as many locally sourced and in season products as she can get her hands on. A little Twitter bird told us that there is big batch of fresh apple cider pomegranate spice pops in the freezer right now. We hope they make it to the fest! 

4. The SuperFarm SuperTruck - The kids at Superstition Farms and Udder Delights run this bad boy and since we don't make it out to Gilbert as much as we'd like too, we're pretty stoked to see what kind of goodies farmer Casey's crew is going to be dishing out. 

3. Pizza People - This brand new (we mean BRAND spanking new) truck is the second pizza truck to hit the Phoenix streets. Owners MaryBeth and Tim Scanlon are promising affordable pizza made with fresh local ingredients and we can't wait to see what's on the menu. 

2. Shine Coffee - We're excited Shine's mobile coffee bar is going to be on the scene for two reasons -- one because we love old Airstreams and two because if we don't get some caffeine we're going to go into a food coma! Maybe they will even have some of their new pastries on hand. 

1. Duck, Duck, Pig -- We cannot wait to get our hands on whatever this new truck may be serving. As long as it has duck in or on it we're going to be happy campers. (okay we'll be happy a little pig too)

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