St. Francis Hits the Spot with "Business Lunch"

Despite the absolutely stunning midcentury-mod aesthetics of the place, we've been hearing mixed reviews of the super-cool, still newish St. Francis, including from our favorite food critic.

So we were dubious when we headed to Camelback Road and 2nd Street earlier this week, on assignment to try S.F.'s "Business Lunch."


We couldn't have been more pleased. From the service (speedy -- the "in & out in 30 minutes" guarantee was absolutely honored, and no one minded that our lunch date languished over her wine once we were done) to the concept (a quick three-course meal at lunch -- so clever) to the food itself (more on that in a moment) we were delighted -- and glad we already had plans to return later in the week.

Today's offerings included:

First Course: local citrus salad with goat cheese, dates and a sweet shallot vinaigrette

Second Course: pan-roasted flat iron steak, salad and crispy potatoes with avacado vinaigrette

Third Course: bag of homemade cookies

The generous bag of cookies was a mix of classic chocolate chips and a more unusual sandwich cookie baked with citrus, which reminded us how much we loved that first course. And, come to think of it, the second.

We delighted our co-workers with leftover cookies upon our return to the office, and the boss was pleased we hadn't been gone all afternoon.

For $18 a person (not including our friend's wine), this is a special occasion lunch. But after this experience, we'll be looking for any occasion to head back to St. Francis. Anyone have a birthday coming up?