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Chef Chat: Jeremy Pacheco of Lon's at the Hermosa (Part Two)

Yesterday we sat down with Jeremy Pacheco of Lon's at the Hermosa. Today, the conversation continues.

Want to hear about Pacheco's aversion to Bobby Flay? Read on ...

Favorite food show?
I like watching Iron Chef and I've been watching a lot of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. I also like Alton Brown a lot. Like I've said, I don't feel like I know everything and I've actually learned a lot from that show and his explanations of how and why ingredients should go together. It's bad though because I watch these shows right before I go to bed and then I'm falling asleep hungry. 


Least favorite food celebrity?
I'm not a big fan of Bobby Flay. He's obnoxious and a little arrogant, as far as I'm concerned. I can congratulate him on his success and all, I mean he's on almost every Food Network show now so I feel like I can't get away with not seeing him ... But I actually watch "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" in hopes that he loses.

What was the biggest transition from the food scene in Vegas to the food scene in Phoenix?
There are restaurants in Vegas where you can still get away with charging $300 a meal. I don't think there are too many places where you can get away with that anymore. It's too bad, I mean, how much fun is it to sit down for three hours and have 13 courses? I think the opportunity in the products coming to Vegas is incredible. And we don't get that kind of luxury here ...  When I worked at the Phoenician, we ordered the best of the best product, but I've never seen ingredients like the ones being shipped into the Wynn. We ordered pounds of caviar and eight pound Australian lobsters that were still alive when they arrived ... I've tried to bring a lot of what I learned in Vegas back here, but times have changed and people's appetites have definitely changed.

(This was part two of our interview with Jeremy Pacheco of Lon's at the Hermosa, check out part one and stay tuned for his lemon ricotta pancake recipe tomorrow ... )