Brew Review

Brew Review: Maudite Ale

We are in the habit of taking beer suggestions from friends. Taking someone's word on a beer can be a dangerous proposition, but much like America's slow transition to thinking of sushi as something appetizing and not as something that could potentially be a hot bed for dining free from sanitation, it can be tragic to never know.

With this thought firmly in hand, we took a fellow suds-guzzling comrade to ye old beer shoppe to have him assist us in choosing a beer for this week's review.

The result: Maudite, a concoction brewed by Unibroue in Chambly, Quebec.

Yet as our dear friend handed us a 12. Oz bottle, we could help but notice that Satan adorns the cover. The lord of darkness on a beer? As we popped the cap, we wondered if this beer would steal our souls or simply be devil-licious.

Tastes: like a delicious Belgian brew. This had us confused. We like Belgian beer. Perhaps the dark one knew this and is attempting to trick us. If that 's the case, he also knows we enjoy smooth-bodied beer with a generous hoppy taste that is not overly fruity. Clever.

Acquired: at AJ's Fine Foods for less than $2.50 per bottle.

Goes with: food. One of our Brew Review comrades insisted that this drink goes better with something more solid to plug your gob with. We are leaning toward agreeing, but feel that enjoying a bottle or two post-mastication might serve us just as well.

Verdict: We really enjoyed drinking this beer. It's incredibly delicious and fulfilling in ways that we were uncertain 12 ounces of anything could ever be. In fact, we may like it too much. Now if you'll excuse us, the dark lord is having us spend the next few millennia drinking beer that empties itself the closer it gets to our mouths.

Happy drinking...while you still can.