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Vincent Guerithault on Wolfgang Puck and Kevin Binkley

This is part two of my interview with Vincent Guerithault, chef-owner of Vincent on Camelback and Vincent's Market Bistro. If you missed part one, where Guerithault talks about being an apprentice, famous people he's cooked for and where he buys his macarons, read it here.

Disclosure: I dated Vincent in 1985-86, before and during the time he was opening Vincent on Camelback.

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Most overrated ingredient: Olive oil. A good olive oil should be used to enhance the flavors in a recipe, but a lot of times, expensive olive oil is used in cooking when a cheaper alternative oil works better.

Most underrated ingredient: Duck fat. According to D'Artagnan, it's lower in saturated fat than butter, can be reused, and can be kept in the refrigerator for up to six months.