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Cafe: Phoenix Palace

We're the peculiar type of foodie who refuses to eat things one way. Heaven help us if we are presented with more than one condiment at a restaurant. Chances are we'll go back and forth until the food item we're placing it in has been completely devoured. Maybe that's why we like dim sum so much. We can try as many Chinese delicacies as we like without committing to just one.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on Phoenix Palace:

The popularity of different dim sum restaurants can shift almost as quickly as the direction of the wind, as picky customers will soon head elsewhere if they don't get quality, variety, prompt service, and cheap prices. It's a lot to ask from anyone, but the best places pull it off with finesse.

That's why Phoenix Palace is predictably mobbed, especially on weekends. Located in the same Chandler plaza as Lee Lee Oriental Supermarket, the restaurant serves a full menu of both Mandarin and Cantonese cuisine, but it's dim sum that brings me back again and again. And looking around the room, I have a lot of company...full story