Last Call

Mojito Season Is Open!

It's that time of year when my thoughts turn away from warm, comforting Irish Coffees and Hot Buttered Rums. Balmy days like these call for a light, refreshing tipple. Few drinks can match the refreshing power of a personal favorite, the Mojito. Problem is, it's next to impossible to find a well-crafted one in a restaurant or bar. I think all the fruit-flavored variations exist to cover up hideous base products. Good news: It's a snap to make terrific ones at home. I present to you the five sacred ingredients to make a perfect Mojito.

Lime Juice The juice of one decent sized lime. Only fresh-squeezed lime juice will do. Bottled lime juice is far inferior, and Rose's Lime... Ugh, just... no. Select limes that are heavy for their size; those are the juicy ones. They're usually astonishingly cheap at Asian and Hispanic grocers. While there, also pick up...