Laurie Notaro's Recipe for Haboob Brownies

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Several weeks ago, I was forced by the hand of hormones to make a pan of brownies. It happens. One moment you're browsing an Anthropologie catalog thinking, "They'd do so much more business if they sold sizes boobs actually fit into," and the next moment, you have cocoa powder on your brow as you're shoving what looks like a pan of mud into the oven and decide it's in your best interest to spend the following 20 minutes standing next to it, waiting.

I used a recipe I found online, and while the batter tasted promising, I threw half a pan of the brownies away, uneaten, unpicked at, and at the time, I had a 19-year old nephew staying with us. Seriously. Unpleased, was I.

So unpleased that I decided to tackle the recipe again, with some well-noted adjustments regarding the short-comings of the brownie recipe known as "Chewie Brownie 1." So I did. I admit, parts of it are obscene. I know that. But when you realize that you might have to start shopping at Chico's, you've got to do something to make the world right again.

Wave that brownie wand, my friends.