Artist Clare Patey Discusses Food Celebrations and Education at ASU Art Museum

Perhaps on Tuesday, Clare Patey will explain just what the Sacred Mayonnaise Ritual is -- it takes place during her annual "Feast on the Bridge," which re-purposes a public bridge in London to create a serious (and outrageous) food party.

Patey's an artist and a curator whose work revolves mostly around food. Her explanations of her projects, as well as her definitions of "art" and "museum" will be up for discussion on Tuesday night as part of ASU Art Museum's Re-Thinking the Museum.

The series has invited artists, museum professionals, and scholars to discuss the current state of the museum world and to share their thoughts on a new kind of museum future.

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Back to the food -- Patey's also behind Feast, a collaborative project with artists, gardeners, chefs and students at a London private school. Together, they commandeered a plot of land near Patey's home and created a vegetable garden through food and art education (a la Jamie Oliver). The vegetables were then harvested and cooked by the students to feed a table of 400 at the culminating "feast."

Patey will be at the ASU Art Museum on Tuesday, November 30, from 6 to 7 p.m.. Admission is free . More event info and parking information is available on the ASU Art Museum website.

Check out a video of Patey speaking about Feast below: