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Pretty Doggies Bite Back With Island Love

Aw, what pretty little dogs you have...CHOMP!

These island beauties come from John Stamatakis, owner of the new Maui Dog on Indian School Road. His first restaurant after years of doing a zillion other things, Stamatakis claims there's nothin' like his hot dogs on the U.S. mainland.

Originally, Stamatakis tried to open Maui Dog on Mill Avenue so he could return to his ASU roots, but the rent was too high so he bought the old Ricky's Big Philly (a moment of silence, please, for a Fry Girl favorite) in Central Phoenix and spent months turning it into a brightly colored beach house, complete with an outdoor surfboard mural for taking pictures of one's live and, non-edible, dogs.

Good looks? Check. Crazy-different taste? Check. Is Phoenix ready for Maui Dog or is it barking up the wrong city? Find out in this week's column.