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Amy's Baking Company: My 103.9's Monti Carlo Interviews Amy and Samy Bouzaglo

Despite recieving notice from Kitchen Nightmares producers that media interviews might be a pretty dangerous proposition, Amy and Samy Bouzaglo of the imfamous Amys Baking Company went on air with My 103.9 radio morning show host Monti Carlo on Monday.

"I'm not proud of my behavior on the show and I'm very sad that the whole world had to see me have a meltdown against people that had been bullying me for three years . . . this is no way to behave," Amy told the host in the interview. "It was very difficult to have Arizonans turn against us because we really don't feel that our story has been . . . we have not been able to get our voice out there."

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For those who don't watch reality television unless a duo of insane restaurant owners go nuts on customers and the entire Internet, Monti Carlo is also a reality TV veteran. The single mother competed in the third season of Fox's Masterchef before coming to the Valley's radio airwaves.

Following the interview, Carlo took to her own Facebook page to air her opinions on the situation, saying that though she didn't approve of Amy and Samy's actions, she did feel sorry for the couple. Here's Carlo's full Facebook post defending Amy's Baking Company.

An excerpt from Monti Carlo's post on Facebook:

Watch the full Monti Carlo/Amy's Baking Company interview below.