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Eugenia Theodosopoulos of Essence Bakery Cafe on Her New Phoenix Location and Her Awesome Lime Green Stand Mixer, Arnault

Eugenia Theodosopoulos Owner/chef Essence Bakery and Café

It's been a busy few weeks for Essence Bakery owner and chef Eugenia Theodosopoulos as she's opened her bakery's second location, in Central Phoenix. Known for making delicate French-style pastries and light breakfast and lunch fare, Essence Bakery has been a Francophile's dream come true since opening back in 2007. We caught up with Theodosopoulos to find out more about the new location, the building and the history -- and to get the scoop on the gigantic stand mixer that graces the entryway. Be sure to come back tomorrow for the second part of our interview, when we learn more about what she has planned for Essence Bakery's future.