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Starbucks Is Bringing a Coffee Truck to Arizona State University

Students and professors: If you love to grab a venti java chip Frappuccino before heading into the lecture hall, you're in luck. Starbucks is testing out its new mobile trucks at Arizona State University just two months after the company announced plans to reimburse tuition for certain employees through the university's online degree program.

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The international coffee roaster and purveyor announced on Monday that it will bring coffee trucks to ASU's Tempe campus just in time for the school semester and the much more beloved pumpkin spice latte season to start.

According to a statement from the company, the truck offers a menu of food and drinks "nearly identical to what customers would find in their neighborhood Starbucks stores," which is good for the skim, no whip, half pump crowd who need lots of options for their highly-specific drink orders.

Hours will vary for the truck, depending on demand, and will stay open in some cases longer than M.U. services, which will be good news when finals roll around. According to a spokesperson for Starbucks, the mobile trucks will move to three different campus locations throughout the day, every day. To find a mobile truck on campus search the hashtag #StarbucksTruck on Twitter for updates.

Starbucks is also testing the mobile coffee trucks in Virginia at James Madison University campus beginning on August 25 and Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina beginning on September 18.

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