Gravy and Cranberry Sauce Bikini Wrestling on Turkey Day Eve

Good thing I didn't put away my wardrobe of summer bikinis, because I'll need something awesome to wear as I dive into a pool of turkey gravy and cranberry sauce on Wednesday night. Or maybe I should go to American Apparel and splurge on one of those gold lame numbers, just to make me feel like one of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Perhaps I'll even wear a lucha libre mask.


But seriously, somebody is going to hear the siren call of Hurricane Bay's Thanksgiving Eve "Get Sauced" Gravy Bikini Wrestling Party, which will be refereed by "celebrity little people." Sounds like a disgustingly surefire way to lose your appetite before the holiday, as well as a fine occasion to get wasted on 25-cent cocktails. 

Today's press release invites "all local media personalities and celebrities" to get dunked in a vat of traditional Turkey Day sauce for a good cause.

Anybody can volunteer for the bikini wrestling contest, which has up to $500 in cash prizes, while "personalities" will be spared the swimwear requirement and will earn St. Mary's Food Bank a $100 donation from Hurricane Bay for their efforts. In addition, everyone is invited to bring canned food donations.

I wish I were making this up, but I'm not.

Call the club at 602-843-6100 for table reservations or to sign up to participate in the action (gross!).