Wake Up Call

Cat Lovers Now Can Buy Wine Made Exclusively for Cats. Thanks, Japan

Nope, this isn't a joke. Wine made exclusively for cats officially is on sale in Japan. This important news comes by way of Japanese website Sankei Biz, which reports that the concoction is called "Nyan Nyan Nouveau."

"Nyan," in Japanese means "meow."

See also: Schaefer Demands Equal Dining Rights for Cats The geniuses selling the product are pet supplement company B&H Lifes, which has decided to market this to crazy cat ladies people celebrating cat birthdays or Christmas -- with their cats.

To clarify, the drink doesn't actually contain alcohol. It's actually a mixture of juice made from Cabernet grapes, Vitamin C, and catnip. Supposedly it tastes like red wine, but we'll let you test that out for yourselves.

Similar to "real" wine, this cat wine is limited to 1,000 bottles. Though at about $4 a pop, we're guessing it won't take long to sell out.

To be fair, beer for dogs already has been around for years. Called Bowser Beer, the drink also doesn't contain alcohol but does feature sweet malt barley, beef or chicken, and glucosamine for joint health. And unlike cat wine, dog beer is made here in the states. So you can check out the website for information about where you can pick it up in Arizona.

But back to the cats. How many bottles do you think Crazy Amy will want?

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