Chow Bella

Cafe: Crudo

Once we've found a good barber shop, it takes a lot to get us to go somewhere else. Of course, having a great restaurant built in to your salon would be a step in the right direction. Such is the case of Crudo, an eatery tucked away with Steven Paul Salon in Scottsdale.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on Crudo:

However, great food was the real reason I enjoyed myself. The menu changes frequently and usually consists of only 10 or 12 items, but a couple of crudo dishes that have remained in the lineup have clearly stayed put for a reason. Delicate butterfish, scattered with crispy bits of lardo and sweet oven-dried tomato, was so fresh it practically melted on my tongue, while albacore tuna was paired with heady black truffle, its richness balanced with black garlic and sweet-tart shreds of raw apple.

Pale, rosy slices of hiramasa (yellowtail kingfish) were scrumptious in a simple dressing of olive oil, chives, and bottarga (salty, grated dried fish roe). Lightly marinated Spanish white anchovies were lined up on a long platter, topped with wisps of fresh dill, olive oil, bits of roasted red and yellow pepper, and paper-thin housemade pickles. I ate these with bites of warm, soft lavosh, and didn't leave a speck...full story