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Gross Out: Better Than Sex Cake Cafe in Chandler Not So Good, Restaurant Inspection Says

By Amy Silverman

I know sex is supposed to be dirty. Call me a prude, but the concept just doesn't translate when it comes to food, even at a place called the Better Than Sex Cake Cafe.

I admit I found the name of the Chandler restaurant intriguing, when I heard it a while back, but now I'm glad I didn't drive out there. Among the complaints in the cafe's recent inspection:

Slime mold in the ice machine.

Food debris found on utensils, utensil bucket and ice scoop.

In the fridge:

Chicken with no date, a "slab of meat" with no date and quiche with an incorrect date. (Not sure how the inspector knew that.)

And "a large portion of raw beef stored in small container, with beef extending beyond container," stored above ready-to-eat items.

No word on the namesake cake, but really, I think I'll pass on dessert.