Pie Social

10 Tips for Gluten Free Pie Baking (and a Recipe for Gluten Free Pumpkin Meringue Pie)

With the Chow Bella Pie Social returning for its fifth year on Saturday, November 15th, you will certainly be inspired to bake up some of your very own slightly sweet treats this holiday season. For those with food allergies or who follow particular diets, the last course is generally one we tend to avoid (or we bring along a container filled with our own private stash of goodies) at a family meal. Whether you are baking for yourself or a beloved friend or family member -- or simply wondering how to include allergy friendly desserts into your repertoire -- incorporating a gluten free pie into your holiday spread will certainly be appreciated. Follow these simple tips and then try your hand at the gluten free pumpkin meringue pie recipe below. All of your guests -- not just those who eschew gluten -- will devour every last bite and you'll give them one more thing to be thankful for.