Chow Bella

Pop Culture: Strawberry Crush

As far as I knew knew up until a few weeks ago, Crush came in two flavors: Orange and Grape. Recently I was visiting my family in Ohio when I came across Pineapple, Peach, Strawberry and Tropical Punch. Shocking! Then, I did a little more research and found out that Dr Pepper Snapple actually makes quite a menagerie of flavors, including Birch Beer and Lime. What's more, according to this August article, Pepsi has signed up to start distributing Crush all over the country, so expect to see more and more of this stuff around.

I thought about doing another mass tasting, but our dedicated team of tasters quickly grows weary of too many super-sweet sodas at once, so instead I picked up a sixer of Strawberry at Wal-Mart (where else would you buy soda?) for just under $3.

And what did the team -- Jay, Jonathan, Julie, and I -- think?

Verdict: Pretty smooth, with less carbonating and sweetness than you might imagine. I was a little bored by the lack of edge, but it scored high marks from our other tasters. --Martin Cizmar

Jay: "It's not too sweet and it actually tastes like fruit. Equal to Big Red."

Julie: "I could use more bubbles but it's good. It would make a good float."

Jonathan: "It's very good, not overly sweet. I like that it's not too carbonated."