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Halo-Halo Kitchen in Phoenix: Filipino Food That Likes to Party

Halo-Halo Kitchen, the Filipino restaurant on the city's west side, is not only a place to eat, it's also a place to party.

On one side, there is the eatery, a bright white room of Filipino baked goods and groceries and a turo-turo, or a cafeteria-style "point-point" setup of meats and prepared stews that doubles as a place to order all-day breakfast silogs as well as made-to-order traditional Filipino specialties. On the other, a darkened pub called the Kalesa (a horse-drawn carriage used in the Philippines) tricked out with televisions, a full bar, a dance floor, and a karaoke stage.

What part of Halo-Halo best suits you? How about a little bit of everything?

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Here's an excerpt from this week's review:

"The best dishes at Halo-Halo are the offal-centric short-order ones. From recipes courtesy of Brandon's dad, there is crunchy, chewy, and juicy slow-cooked pata (pork knuckle) made with onions, carrots, and spices, and a sizzling plate of sisig. One of the Philippines' most beloved hangover foods, this delectable mix of chopped pig ears and snout, peppers, onions, and a fried egg topped with a surprising yet satisfying squirt of mayonnaise is easily one of the best in the Valley. But the real Filipino nod of approval (at least for the Anglo set) comes in the form of chicharon bulaklak. More of a shared snack than an entrée, seasoned and fried "pork ruffle fats" (technically called "mesentery") are served up with a spiced vinegar sauce for crispy and acidic addictive bites that, thanks to Halo-Halo's bar, pair perfectly with a cold San Miguel."

Hungry for more? Read my full review of Halo-Halo Kitchen.

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