Strong Beer Fest 2012: Totally Worth the Wait

By the looks of the lines, the fact that Tops Liquor went through 5000 bottles of water, and the throbbing pain in my forehead, I'd say the 2012 Strong Beer Fest was a success.

Check out our slideshow here, and read on for details of the best -- and not-so-best -- beers of the day. 

Saturday's sold out event drew somewhere close to 4000 people out of their local bars and away from their TVs to enjoy a perfect 70 degree day while getting hammered on strong beer samples from about 75 breweries.

Unlike last year's Strong Beer Fest (a rain-soaked adventure for those that braved the weather), the people were out in full force which created a rather intimidating line to gain access to all the beer waiting inside the chain-link fence. Thankfully, the lines moved quickly and we didn't end up standing outside thirsty for more then 15 minutes. Once we made it inside, it was game on!