Chow Bella

Closed for Business: Canal

We really should have started a restaurant death pool this summer.

If only I'd been so organized, I would've put Canal at the top of the list -- based on all the rumors of the SouthBridge restaurant's excruciatingly sloooooow business. The place just closed, reports the Republic, likely soon to be replaced by yet another Joseph Gutierrez-helmed eatery. It'll be an Asian-French restaurant called Acua, tentatively opening next month.

Gutierrez seems to be taking over the troubled SouthBridge restaurant scene, recently opening an Italian restaurant called Tutto in the just-vacated Digestif space, and eventually reviving his Tapas Papa Fritas concept (a Spanish place he operated in the '90s) in the space originally lined up to become Mexican Standoff. He also owns Cin-Cin Bistro in Scottsdale.