Free Lifetime Desserts at Durant's

I feel like Charlie finding the Golden Ticket wrapped inside a Wonka Bar, still giddy from my friend's birthday dinner at Durant's last night.

Yours truly is now the proud owner of a "free lifetime desserts" token. Such a thing seemed mythical to me -- the stuff of urban legend.

A decade ago, the restaurant issued the tokens for its 50th anniversary. Five years later, it happened again. And now, in honor of the classy old-school steakhouse's 60th anniversary, there's another batch of tokens being handed out.

How do you get one? 

I really don't know the secret. Is it because we were all dressed up? Is it because my friend pulled up to the restaurant in her badass 1960 Chrysler Imperial? Is it because we cleaned our plates? I guess our waiter just liked us. We'd been laughing and carrying on all evening.

My dessert last night was a delicious strawberry shortcake -- fluffy, layered with whipped cream, and big enough to feed at least two people. After eating salad, steak, and that ridiculously good bread, topped with garlicky leeks, I was more than satisfied. Then the waiter brought out the tokens and ceremoniously handed them out to each of us. 

It was as if he said, "Here, darling, have all the strawberry shortcake you want, forever and ever."