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Internet, Meet In-N-Out's Monkey-Style Burger

It might be because In-N-Out's menu technically only offers five items or maybe because their food is so wildly poplar yet unattainable for many, but the California-based chain's "secret menu items" has a cult following to rival the best. There are plenty of things to be discovered beyond the basics, for example did you know you can order secret sauce on the side in convenient packets? Or that you can get your fries "well-done"? And that's just the beginning.

As a California native I thought I knew most if not all of In-N-Out's secrets, but recently Foodbeast caught wind of something that even the most hardcore Double-Doublers might not have heard of before...

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They went in search of the In-N-Out Monkey-style burger -- and despite a reluctant employee (see the video below) were successful in obtaining it. Those familiar with the restaurant's Animal-style fries know they consist of a carton of fries topped with secret sauce, grilled onions and a gooey slice of melted cheese. You can also order your burger Animal-style, which consists of a mustard cooked beef patty topped with a pickle, extra spread with grilled onions.

Well, Monkey-style combines the best items on the menu by offering a burger patty topped with Animal-style fries smashed in-between toasted buns. That's right, you can get Animal fries -- on your burger.

If that doesn't sound completely amazing to you, first of all, you're wrong. But you might want to inspect this neatly assembled matrix of In-N-Out secret menu items including a root beer float, neopolitan shake and the Flying Dutchman. They missed the Monkey-style burger though, as well as the Road Kill, which apparently means Animal-style fries with a chopped patty and ketchup.

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