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That Place Next to Chino Bandido is Good Fellas Grill, and It's Good To-Go

Good Fellas Grill in North Phoenix has the real estate luck of being located next door to our favorite Mexican/Chinese fusion dive, Chino Bandido, which we like for the fun dish combinations -- like jerk chicken and refried beans -- at a decent price. For wandering souls looking for somewhere new in North Phoenix to stop in for a simple lunch, and for those who have filled up on fusion one too many times, the Good Fellas Grill forks over large plates of (exclusively) Greek food at a similar price point as its neighbor, just under $10.

You won't regret going Greek. Good Fellas has a few appetizers to get you started that could double as entrees. You're familiar with hummus, and Good Fellas has a large plate for $4.99, topped with olive oil and lemon juice, served with warmed, fresh and stretchy pita bread. Luckily everything, it seems, is served with this pita bread. If hummus is too minimalist, they serve a hefty $5.99 plate of falafel (deep-fried balls of ground chickpeas), plated with vegetables and tahini yogurt sauce for dipping.

We'll recommend skipping the appetizers if you want heftier food but still desire to fly under the $10 mark. For an entree, the man taking your order will tell you the first timers almost always go with one of Good Fellas' two meat plate. We can see why -- it allows you to try both the chicken and beef, served alongside a bed of buttery rice, seasoned shreds of onion and tomato, tahini sauce for dipping, and some of that delicious pita.

Both meats are cooked on a grill, with the strip of ground beef seasoned well, and their chicken that is delicately charred -- both still juicy, though a bit oily, and flavorful when they arrive. At $7.99, it's more than enough food for one person, and it's good fun for the ambitious eater who will make mini greek tacos by combining the meat, rice, onion and tahini sauce in the fold of a triangle of pita -- maybe this can be considered fusion after all.

Good Fellas Grill is faster than a sit-down restaurant with a wait-staff, but the food still can take longer to cook -- and it's a rich meal so it might be tough to consider work afterwards. But no worries, it's to-go friendly and easy to eat with a fork.

When you have the time, sit with friends and enjoy eating slowly, but while quickly catching up on your foreign soccer playing out on the flat screen .

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