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Should a Chef Alter a Signature Menu Item If a Customer Requests It?

The implied meaning of a signature menu item is that it doesn't change. And for restaurants who offer them, the message to customers is simple: If you come here, you can have this special item.

But what if the customer wants a signature dish with alterations? I asked Valley chefs and restaurateurs to offer their thoughts on changing their signature creations per customer requests -- here's what they had to say:

Romeo Taus Chef and owner, Romeo's Cafe

NO: The reason most of us do this is passion. We want to cook food that evokes a positive emotional response. If we're fortunate enough to have a few signature dishes, it's because in the process of creation we have achieved a unique taste profile that impresses us and our somewhat educated palate. This is what we want the guest to experience. This is what sets us apart from the next person with a set of knives.