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The Arizona Burrito: We Found It in California

Look, we'll be the first to admit that filling a burrito with french fries could hardly be described as avant-garde or gourmet. In truth, it holds about as much culinary merit as the cronut, the quesarito, or the ramen burger. Still, we couldn't help but get slightly giddy at the summer discovery of a potato-packed concoction known as the Arizona burrito.

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The Arizona burro is ironically found at Juanitas Taco Shop, a San Diego establishment that is more staple than secret and more standing room than sit-down, Here, french fry burritos carry cult status. Day or night, locals and out-of-town beach goers alike can be found forming a line out the door and ordering, for the most part, a California or Arizona burrito.

Much like the states themselves, these carbo-loaded conceptions are close but not similar. The older and most established California comes with carne asada, french fries, sour cream and cheese, making it essentially everything your dietician has warned you not to eat wrapped up in a warm tortilla.

Its stateside spinoff, the Arizona, also features carne asada and french fries but opts for guacamole and salsa fresca over the cream and cheese combo, making it the healthier (albeit only slightly) option of the two.

Does it make sense that the California burrito would be the one without avocado in it? No. Is it better than any of the burritos you will find in Phoenix? Probably not. But is it worth checking out the next time you find yourself escaping to San Diego county? You bet your lard-loving ass it is.

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