Phoenix Knife House Goes on a Media Blitz

Just kidding about that headline.

Eytan Zias, owner of Phoenix Knife House, is actually really low key when it comes to self-promotion -- he hasn't tweeted in months, doesn't do email newsletters or press releases, and doesn't use Facebook to constantly pimp his business, either.

I suspect that's because he's too damn busy hand-sharpening the knives of some of this city's best chefs at his small shop on McDowell. The buzz he gets just from the chef community seems to sustain him.

And yet, he's just gotten a double-whammy of publicity, in the form of a feature in the new issue of Edible Phoenix magazine (which is not online yet, although the print edition is just hitting the streets), and an episode of FnB TV, where chef Charleen Badman interviews him about his craft.

Dude can take a blade from dull to dangerous with a series of swipes on wet stones. Get a look: