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James Porter Explains Why Deadliest Catch Is Better Than Anything on Food Network and Names One Local Chef He Could Happily Spend a Week With

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This is part two of my interview with James Porter, chef-owner of Petite Maison. If you missed part one of the interview, read it here. Favorite food smell: Saffron and white wine.

If your cooking were a genre of music, what would it be?: Grateful Dead, or any other great "jam band." It's a spontaneous collection of ingredients that just feels right.

Describe a meal you'll never forget and why it's so memorable: At the Biltmore Hotel, in Coral Gables, Palme d'Or Restaurant prepared by Chef Phillip Ruiz. It was 27 courses, five bottles of wine, and seven hours. It was my last day working there. I ate by myself because I wanted to immerse myself in the experience.