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Charleen Badman: On Male Chefs, Cooking for Famous People, and the Irrelevance of Her Lady Parts

This is part two of my interview with Charleen Badman, chef and co-owner of FnB, AZ Wine Merchants and Bodega. If you missed part one, in which Badman praised Lori Hashimoto, described her first meeting with Chris Bianco's mom, and talked about the kitchen phrase she hates, read it here.

See also: -- Chrysa Robertson Dishes on Male Chefs, How She Handled a Customer Complaint and Why She's Not Really Arizona's Alice Waters -- Ankimo, the Foie Gras of Japan, Gets a Modern Tweak at Hana -- Braised Leeks Back on the Menu at FnB -- How to Be a Restaurant VIP and What It Will Get You Favorite thing to eat growing up: Fish fillet, especially the one at Sea World while visiting my grandparents in San Diego.

Favorite thing to eat now: Asian.

What people don't know about you is: I've never eaten at my own restaurant.