Wake Up Call

New Starbucks Secret Menu Will Spice Up Your Coffee Life

We've all experienced coffee fatigue. That moment at the front of the Starbucks line when you're prompted to make your selection and you blank.

I had a soy frappuccino yesterday didn't I? And the day before that? Same thing, and the day before that? You panic, gripped by the existential horror that is the knowledge that you've been ordering the same drink since high school and it's almost like you've never actually moved out of your parents basement...

Do not panic! From the depths of the internet has emerged a brand new "secret menu" for Starbucks. Unlike previous "secret" menus, this one actually sounds pretty good. Some highlights:

The Nutella: Cafe Misto +Pump of chocolate +Pump of hazelnut +Caramel drizzle

Tuxedo/Zebra Mocha: Regular Mocha +Half regular chocolate +Half white chocolate

And our personal favorite express train to diabetes:

Captain Crunch: Strawberries and Creme Frappe +Pump of caramel +2 X Pumps of toffee +Pump hazelnut +2 X Scoops of chocolate chips

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