Blueberry Bushes, Grapevines, Citrus, Apple Trees and More for Sale Now from Valley Permaculture Alliance

If you have ever had a fruit tree in your yard in Phoenix, you know how difficult it is to keep them alive.

This is where the Valley Permaculture Alliance's annual fruit tree sale could come to the rescue. Not only are trees on sale til November 20, VPA is offering offering classes in tree and plant maintenance.

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The non-profit organization, which also founded the first seed library in Phoenix, is making it possible to purchase or donate fruit trees that are capable of thriving in Phoenix's climate and fighting tree diseases.

"There are more than 120 varieties of trees available, from rare Honeycrisp Apple and Vietnamese Guava to prolific Ruby Red Grapefruit and Arizona Sweet Orange," according to the VPA.

Last year, the VPA sold over 1500 trees, plants, and vines during their sale. Fertilizer and potting soil will be available for sale as well, since you can't let your new additions go home naked and without food.

Don't have a garden? The VPA also sells smaller potted varieties that can be kept in containers, meaning you can start a miniature garden in your living room (although we think that might get a little messy).

Or, you can donate a tree to a charity supported by the VPA. It will be planted at a local community garden or school. The organization made "donations to 17 organizations" in the form of 186 bare root trees and 45 citrus trees last year.

Orange trees start off at $35.

The organization also offers blueberry bushes, grapevines, bananas, and even guavas for sale.

The goal of the sale is to raise funds to sustain the organization and to educate more people about Phoenix permaculture practices.

Trees that are purchased at the event will not be able for pick up until early 2013, because the organization wants the trees to be at their peak strength and in planting season. So you'll have plenty of time to look for the perfect spot to plant yours.

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