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Big Earl's BBQ Fans Pay the Ultimate Homage: Permanent Tattoos

In what may be a Valley first, two fans of Big Earl's BBQ, chef James Porter's home of "old school 'Q" in Old Town Scottsdale, have paid the ultimate tribute to the restaurant by having themselves tattooed with the restaurant's logo.

Kyle Ohland and Ike Conrsolle, both visiting from Minnesota, stopped by Big Earl's for lunch last week. The story goes that they enjoyed their experience so much, they each got an exact replica of the Big Earl's logo (one including Big Earl's contact information) tattooed to their legs.

Keep reading to see the ink and to find out what tattoo artist Daniel Lucero and Big Earl's BBQ had to say.

"Believe me," Wendy Porter, PR gal and wife of James Porter tells me, "we were as shocked as could be when they returned sporting their new ink, but we have to say, it's an incredible compliment."

Porter says one of the Minnesotans, Kyle Ohland, told her he got the Big Earl's ink because of the pulled pork sandwich, awesome service, and "because it was the best damn lunch ever."

Daniel Lucero, ink artist at Scottsdale's Dreamscapes Tattoo, which is just around the corner from Big Earl's, says that while he's seen some tattoos of clothing logos in his day, he's never seen nor had a request for a restaurant's logo, especially a local one.

"I could barely believe it," he says.

Me either.

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