Chow Bella

The Endless Feast, coming soon to a TV near you

A few months ago, I blogged about The Endless Feast, a new PBS series about organic farms and chefs around the country. One of the episodes highlights a lavish culinary display hosted by the local Slow Food chapter out in the desert, on Yavapai Nation land, and features Maya Dailey from The Farm at South Mountain. At that time, I lamented the fact that Phoenix lagged behind other cities in airing the series.

But starting this Sunday, June 10, the station will begin airing the series at 5:30 p.m. Since there's a strong chance that you'll be close to a TV anyway -- ciao, Sopranos! (sniff, sniff) -- tune in early to catch the local premiere. I'd tell you to go ahead and just program your DVR, but I just tried to do it myself, and the Cox program guide doesn't include it in the lineup yet. However, if you visit KAET's site and click on "Endless Feast," you can set up an email reminder to watch the show. Handy!