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Come Up With Your Own "Value Meal" and Take The Slow Food $5 Challenge, September 17th

Slow Food USA is encouraging you to eat fruit, not Froot Loops in a $5 challenge taking place all over the country on Saturday, September 17th. The premise is that it shouldn't cost more to eat slow than it does to eat fast food. So, Slow Food is challenging you to come up with your own "value meal" to share with family and friends.

So far, the Downtown Phoenix Public Market has started their own event that day at 11 a.m. where you can "purchase a $5 meal created by Market chefs based on recipes of Slow Food members."

If you can't make it then, you can simply find another, register your own event or take the pledge on the national webpage:

This really isn't a terribly difficult challenge but a very clever way to remind yourself that fast food isn't necessarily cheaper, or faster (depending on the recipe), than making it at home. Nice thinking, Slow Food.

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