Reading: PHX Rail Food

Bickford, a 44-year-old guy who says he's in a "managerial position at a local institution of higher learning." He says he started the blog because he loves to eat and is also interested in mass transportation in the Phoenix area. The blog only features restaurants that may be found along the light rail.

Why you should visit it: This blog not only gives restaurant reviews, it also tells potential diners just how to get to the eateries by taking the light rail. Each post is pretty wordy, and the text isn't broken up with pictures, but they're very informative with good descriptions of the food, as well as news and gossip mixed in with the posts. We would also love it if Bickford mentioned prices of everything he eats. And he's got reviews for just about every light rail stop, so no matter where you ride, you can be an informed diner. The blog also breaks down posts both by food types and light rail stops, which makes it easy to navigate.

Our favorite post: We love this post on Nine 05, since it uses popular music (The Who) to convey the tone of the restaurant, which makes it a great post for people who aren't necessarily "foodies". This post is also great at mixing news with a review of the food and gives a comprehensive take on the downtown restaurant.