Weekend Eats

Three Things to Eat, Drink, and Bake this Weekend

It's another beautiful Phoenix weekend! Better get outside and enjoy it while you can.

This weekend, I'll be trading in the super nice Phoenix weather for the smog and traffic of Los Angeles. I plan on hunting down the infamous mac & cheese with BBQ pork grilled cheese sandwich from The Grilled Cheese Truck and maybe even a nacho cheese dog from Pink's Hot Dogs. Unfortunately, I'll be missing out on fancy tomatoes, tasty tequilas, and I won't be able to fit in any baking. Bummer.

Eat This: Tzi-bi-u Tomatoes from The Urban Farm Nursery -- This weekend The Urban Farm Nursery on 12th Street just north of Glendale Rd. will have a VERY limited quantity of farm fresh rare tomatoes for sale. Get your hands on a couple Black Italian, Frankstein Black, Mauve, Bi-color Cherry, Pink Caspian, or, our favorite, the lovely Tzi-bi-u or Violet Jasper tomatoes. The Tzi-bi-u's are a small tomato that originated in China. The flavor isn't exactly the greatest, but these beauties will give a striking touch to a stew or stir fry. The nursery opens at 8:30 a.m. Get there early for the best tomato selection!

Drink This: Tons of Tequila at the 3rd Annual Tequilazona -- Tequila lovers unite! This Saturday is you chance to sample more than 150 different tequilas from Cruz, Tres Amigos, Kah, and more. Get your fill of sweet agave nectar from 6 - 9 p.m. at Tempe MarketPlace's District Plaza. In between shots samples, snack on food from Kabuki, San Felipe's Cantina, and Cadillac Ranch and enjoy a little live music from Sonan. All proceeds will benefit the Friends of Public Radio. Tequila!

Bake This: Zebra Bundt Cake from Bakers Royal -- I want to make this right now! But it's going to have to wait till next week. Naomi over at Bakers Royal made this beautiful zebra cake with tons of sweet layers of vanilla and chocolate topped off with a rich chocolate glaze. It looks awesome. You should try your hand at your own zebra cake. Save a piece for me.

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