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Hipstamatic Releases New Foodie Filter Package: Foodie SnapPak

​Are you like us and find that all your iPhone pics aren't of people and places but of food? Well, now those tasty pics will look über cool with Hipstamatic's new Foodie SnapPak that makes your food look like one of those found gorgeous English cookbooks.

What it does and sample pics after the jump.

Hipstamatic's cool new foodie lens design was inspired by London-based food photo artist David Loftus. He's worked with the likes of Jamie Oliver and now you, as it appears.

This new Loftus lens is a macro-styled "lens" and was "crafted to produce luscious food shots with incredible clarity in the center and blurring of the edges."

Also in the package, the DC film that creates a sleek black border, and the Tasty Pop flash that creates what they describe as "delicious rays of silver light."

Here are a few sample shots:

If you check it out, come back and tells us what you think. It's available now in the iTunes store. Drop us a comment with a link to your pics.

We're curious to know if you think you food looks more delicious using this cool new food photo tool.