Seven Favorite Juice & Smoothie Bars in Metro Phoenix

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Fresh pressed juices and sweet, blended smoothies are treats that can be good for your health and provide cooling relief on a muggy day or after a rough workout.

Here in the Valley, we don't have a ton of places to grab these refreshing fruit- and veg-filled beverages but the places we do have are top notch. Check out our list of our seven favorite juice & smoothie bars across Phoenix.

Whole Foods Tempe -- We rely on Whole Foods for their great beer selection and outstanding cheeses, $7 crackers, and awesome salad bar but before we start our shopping missions, we like to drop by their juice and smoothie bar for a fresh blended cup of energy courtesy of the friendly staff up front at the juice bar. Grab 24oz of organic berries blended with tart juices in one of their vegan friendly smoothies or kick off your morning with fresh pressed cucumbers, kale, apples, and spinach in a healthy green juice blend.