Natalie Morris' Perfect Food Day

Natalie Morris really gets around when it comes to food. She went to culinary school, wrote about food, then wrote some more about food. She went clear across the globe only to learn more about food and returned eating fewer foods as she's mostly vegetarian these days. You can find her working at the Downtown Phoenix Public Market and promoting the heck out of the Truck Farm movie here in town. Not only has she picked up trinkets and souvenirs on her travels but she has developed a global palette as you will see her food below hails from England, Greece, Thailand, Mexico, Italy, Philippines and right here in Arizona.

Here's her perfect food day:

Hopefully, my belly stands up to all of this:

Breakfast: A proper Full English breakfast - "bubble and squeak", blood sausage and bacon (self approved of course!), beans, grilled tomatoes, runny eggs (made by my husband, the egg-preparing master, Chris) and fried bread, hot tea, orange juice with pulp over ice (served the way the Cretans do with local oranges), a straw and the beach.

Lunch: A Panang Curry tofu and veggie hotpot with flavors of lemongrass, galangal and kaffir lime leaves. Shrimp chips and a beer on the side.

Snack: Have'a Corn Chips and Mi Salsa's Hot Roasted Tomato Salsa and an afternoon Lavazza espresso pick-me-up.

Dinner: An "Ode to Oma"- her "brown chicken" thighs marinated in kecap manis sweet soy sauce, bami noodles, lumpia egg rolls, broccoli with peanut sauce and white rice. To drink, a glass (or three) of an Arizona wine and, for dessert, red bean mochi. Preferably, all eaten shared and in good company.

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