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"Screw the Skinny Bitches....I Want to Eat" Cures the Break-Up Blues With Booze, Food and a Fun Read

If Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda bumped into Martha Stewart, hit it off, became gal pals and then one of them got dumped -- this book would be the result.


"Screw the Skinny Bitches...I Want to Eat" is a sassy hybrid of break-up bible meets girl-power cookbook that offers advice on how to overcome heartbreak. The book breaks the process down into four phases and includes recipes, songs, and movies for each of the 12 stages of recovery.

Author and Arizona-native Sonya Zepeda calls it a "Sex in the City meets Martha Stewart girl power book."

Zepeda's day job as a "mortgage diva" in Scottsdale keeps her busy while she works toward her dream of becoming a full time author. She self-published "Screw the Skinny Bitches...I want to Eat" and enjoyed the experience so much she's looking to help others do the same.

She says experiencing an array of cultures and cuisines throughout her extensive world travels offered inspiration for many of the recipes and drinks in the book. Written over "Seven days of angst and cocktails," it also draws heavily on her own love life.

"It just sort of came out of me, it was very therapeutic."

Recipes in the book sport humorous names like "Extroverted Enchiladas" and "Movin' On Mango Shrimp." Zepeda also posts recipes for drinks such as the "Alejandro Jalepeno Martini" on her blog here.

"Screw the Skinny Bitches...I Want to Eat" is available on Sonya's website or order it online through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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