Battle of the Dishes

IHOP v. Denny's: Clash of the Christmas Pancakes

Thanks to Hallmark it's become socially acceptable to throw some green and red on just about anything and market it a special holiday treat...and don't you just love it?! Don't know about you, but we can't get enough peppermint and sugar flavored goodness in the quickly dwindling Days Before Christmas.

Thus, we bring you: Clash of the Christmas Pancakes

That's right. We've got the lowdown on which corporate breakfast joint, IHOP v. Denny's, does the best job of turning the simple breakfast pancake into a mouthful of holiday delight.

Festive pancakes after the jump.

In one corner: The International House of Pancakes

The Set Up: IHOP offers a few fun-flavored pancakes for the holidays that you can order a la carte or with typical breakfast fare like eggs and bacon. We went with the White Chocolate Mint pancakes since (with their red and green ornamentation) they were just too darn cute to pass up.

The Pros: It's the International House of Pancakes after all, so, of course, the little suckers were delicious to start. Add a sugar-coma's worth of white chocolate chips and crunchy mint chunks throughout and you've got one hell of a breakfast treat. We honestly thought the combination of white chocolate and mint was going to be too much to handle but in the end, we gobbled these.

The Cons: For some reason all the white chocolate chips were buried in the center of the pancake under a mountain of whipped cream making it difficult to enjoy their sweetness without first removing the cream clump...and thereby destroying the entire presentation.

In the Other Corner: Denny's

The Set Up: You'll only find the special pancakes under the kid's section of the holiday menu, but don't worry -- you can substitute them as a part of any meal.

The Pros: With the holiday pancakes as a part of the Build Your Own Grandslam, you'll feel almost as special as if your own mother was cooking breakfast just the way you like it. And for $5.99 it's a pretty hot deal.

The Cons: The holiday pancakes didn't look so merry when they arrived the table full of sad little holes and random pancake tentacles. They were also lacking in flavor since the only unusual part about them was the addition of mostly flavorless "cookie crumbles."

The Verdict: IHOP takes the pancake on this one--hands down. They've got the whole griddlecake thing down to a T and we wouldn't recommend heading anywhere else for your breakfast cheer.

One other word of advice, don't order turkey bacon at either place unless you like it extra-soggy.

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