Wake Up Call

Ranch Dressing-Flavored Soda Exists. Here's Where You Can Get It.

Because apparently people can't get enough mayonnaise-y goodness in their lives, ranch flavored soda is now a real thing. We can totally see why Lester's Fixins, a company known for creating such interesting soda flavors as chicken wing and bacon, would think people want this product. Remember the Saturday Night Live skit in which Melissa McCarthy played an enthusiastic Hidden Valley Ranch taste-taster? And funnily, enough the real story of how the soda came to be isn't far off from the comedy skit.

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According to the Huffington Post, who spoke to Rocket Fizz co-founder Rob Powells, the idea for the soda came to fruition while Powells and business partner Ryan were eating lunch. Powells friend was so enthusiastic with the dressing, using it on everything on the plate, that they decided the only way to fully satiate his hunger for ranch dressing would be to create a soda.

But how do the flavors of mayonnaise, sour cream, herbs and buttermilk translate to a carbonated beverage? Well the brave folks at the Huffington Post tasted the new product and...well, the feedback wasn't pretty. Apparently the smell of carbonated ranch dressing isn't so great. In fact one person said:

"This tastes like you soaked blue cheese in sunscreen in a plastic tub on a hot day, and then forced it through a seltzer siphon."

If you don't trust them and want to taste it for yourself, you can get Lester's Fixins sodas at Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shops locations. There's one store in Arizona, located in Surprise. Good luck.

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