This Week's Tastiest Links!

• A San Francisco judge tosses out a class action suit claiming the golden arches lured kids into its restaurants by offering toys in its Happy Meals. Great, can we get to the hazardous waste dumps otherwise known as play areas now? - Reuters

•'s...REAL! - Vice

• Heard about pink slime in the last five minutes? Here's what Valley chefs and restaurateurs had to say on the subject. - Chow Bella

• Speaking of lean, finally textured beef, here's a very good and hype-less article on pink slime. - Food Politics

• And just when you thought the pink slime issue was over, along comes factory farm chickens being fed caffeine, banned antibiotics, and arsenic (sigh). Insert catchy name here, please. - The New York Times

• Why your martini sucks. - Chow Bella

• Hosting an '80's sorority party? Here's seven jello shot recipes. - All Women Stalk

• Think Pinterest will eventually be society's downfall? Us, too. - Chow Bella

• Smoothies, frappes, and snack wraps -- a new fast casual healthy eatery? Nope. Burger King's new menu (Don't worry, their putting thicker slices of cheese on the Whopper!). - USA Today

• Who are the food frontrunners for New Times' Big Brain Awards this year? Glad you asked. They're him, him, and her. Who's your favorite? - Chow Bella

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